6 Bathroom DIY Transformations

Simple ideas that have truly transformed bathrooms on a budget.

I personally love this design, it is very modern but simple and looks amazing. The homeowners did a well thought out bathroom on a budget, small bathrooms do not need to be under estimated.

The simple changes have had a dramatic effect to the overall look of this bathroom although it would open the bathoom even more with a glass bath screen rather than a shower curtain. Glass always gives an elegance to the bathroom. Shower curtains are nice to add instant colour with the many designs available. Shower curtains are much hard to keep clean.

Is this the same bathroom? What a difference, renovating a bathroom can be very satisfying and can add equity to home when done right. Homes are easier to sell with the right renovations. I can certainly imagine myself in the hot bath. Freestanding baths are very elegant.

One of my favourite budget bathroom renovations, green not so but the overall design and the bold colour incorporates personality.

Instant this bathroom has propelled into 2017 from 1980. A fine example of a what is truly disaster bathroom to a sleek modern design

Bathroom renovations can be daunting but if you have the vision they can easily lift the whole look and feel of the home.

Nice and simple, once again I would have not chosen the shower curtain but that is my own personal taste. All round a good bathroom DIY  update

Wowsers, the homewoners have taken a tiny half bathroom and made into a full bathroom. A great job but not sure how comfortable it would be going to the toilet but overall the creativity is spot on and this budget bathroom renovation deserves an applause.

If you are the type of person that can not see past the room in front of you, some people have the vision, others do not, but hey we are all different. That is why it is an excellent idea to research and study different designs, what others have achieved with their own DIY bathrooms and create some great ideas from this. Here are some designs and article from Room Sketckers

Before and afters are a fantastic way to visualise the difference a bathr0om renovation upgrade can do to your home. From new bathrooms tiles, bathroom vanity to a new shower or freestanding bath.  Here are a few examples of DONT TRY THIS AT HOME which will give you a little giggle.

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