10 Small Bathroom Designs That Work – Simple ideas to create space

Bathroom Mirror

Small bathrooms can be quite the challenge to have the fixtures you want but the space you need to make the bathroom function and function well. If your bathroom is limited on space and you need some small bathroom ideas to make it work, then you have come to the right place.

I personally live in an ex-state house from 194o where the bathroom is 2m x 1.8m and thankfully with the bathroom products on 2017 this space is no problem, still small compared to new homes but comfortable with all comforts that were wanted.

Here are some simple tricks to show you how we pulled some of our favorite small bathroom projects to show you examples of small bathroom design ideas that really work. Let’s take a look at what Room Sketcher designed for visualising your next project.

10 Small Bathroom Ideas that Work

1. Add Mirror Walls

Adding a mirror across a whole wall can double the look and feel of a small room and if also bounces the natural light from windows and light fixtures around the entire room. This is particularly effective above a vanity or along one side of a narrow bathroom. As a bonus –  Easier to keep clean and with clean mirrors make the entire room look sparkling.

2. Wall Mounted Toilets

If you have space in the walls consider purchasing a  build-in a toilet tank, you can save both floor space and legroom with a wall mounted toilet. If you can’t or don’t want this option wall mount the toilet, consider adding a shelf above the tank for added storage or extending your vanity top to create a narrow ledge.

small toilet design

3. Lose the Tub

Baths take up 2x the amount of floor area than showers. If you have the option to lose the bath, you’ll open up your small bathroom significantly. Showers are great for adults and guests, especially older ones. If you add a hand shower, showers are also excellent for getting pets clean too. However, if you have children and you need to keep the tub for bathing them, then consider a lower profile tub. The lower height makes getting in and out easier and it will make your room feel more open as well. I personally am a bath person and for my own comfort kept the bath but if I were doing the renovation to sell the home I would have installed a beautiful glass shower.

glass shower

4. Frameless Glass Tub and Shower Panels

Let’s be honest,  shower curtains do a job but no-one likes them especially when the cold curtain touches you. They stick to you when you’re showering and they are a pain to clean and love to grow mould. Shower curtains also close off one-third of your room visually. To prevent this, swap out your shower curtain with a glass panel and instantly this will transform your bathroom dramatically and allow more light into your shower or bathtub

Glass panels are easy to install, you can purchase these easily from Mitre 10, Placemakers, Bunnings or any glass company. They are easy to maintain and are perfect for tiny bathrooms. They can be either fixed in place or hinged to swing. You can fold hinged glass panels inward when the shower is not in use as well. Avoid sliding panels, which require top and bottom tracks and are far more difficult to keep hygienic and clean.

5. Wet Room Flooring and Open Showers

One of my favourite small bathroom design ideas – open showers. By eliminating the curb around your shower, your flooring can continue right into the shower. Works perfect with concrete, stone slab and tile floors. You can even incorporate a concealed or infinity-edge drain for a really seamless look. Bonus –  these shower designs are the easiest to clean.

Wet room bathroom

6. Small Sinks and Floating Vanity Options

The same design concept with wall mounted toilets to save space, this design works with  wall mounted sinks. An excellent way to save valuable floor space and to make your small bathroom appear more not huge but spacious and open. If storage is a must, try a wall-mounted floating vanity. Look for narrow washbasin designs and for the newer thin-edge sinks. The ceramic is just as strong as it is with a traditional sink and you’ll get a larger washbasin in less space. There are countless design styles with these vanities and you will easily find exactly what you require.

wall mounted vanity

7. Think Vertical – Add cabinets and open shelving on the walls

In smaller bathrooms, the sacrifice is usually storage. While there may not be available physical floor space, there is on the walls. Opt for recessed medicine cabinets with mirrored fronts above your sink. Cleaning small bathrooms are easy when vanities are up off the floor.

vertical bathroom cabinets

8. Cavity or Sliding Entry Doors

Besides eliminating the bath tub, one of the largest space saving ideas for tiny bathrooms you could consider is to switch from an in-swinging entry door to a cavity sliding door. To install a door you will have to open your wall to create the cavity. However, you can gain a good amount of usable space that you did not have before. It can really change the entire look of the room. You will have more flexibility when placing your fixtures as well. However if you do not want to spend money on a cavity slider you can also look for surface-mounted sliding door hardware to create a modern sliding door or barn door look. I have personally completed this with all in interior doors for bedrooms and living room and has really opened up the whole home at a fraction of the cost of cavity sliders.

Cavity Sliding door

9. Combine Dark Floors with Lighter Walls

Small bathrooms do not have to be a nightmare, you want & need to be strategic with color. Dark walls will make an already small bathroom feel smaller. Light coloured walls will reflect more light and make a small bathroom feel great. Reserve dark colours for the floor or keep the overall scheme within lighter shades. If you have wood floors, look for shower tiles that match the wood in color and tone. This will create the illusion of a continuous floor and won’t draw your eye to the smallest part of the room.

10. Add an Accent Wall

Finally the best small bathroom design idea for last. Adding an accent wall is one of our favourite bathroom ideas and it’s a great way to add some color to a small bathroom. In a small bathroom, you will want to place the accent wall on the back wall. You can add color to the whole wall or just a band of color. This technique will give your room depth and interest without overwhelming it.



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